March 13, 2014 | Vol. 117 -- No. 47

It's a trashy life for Cheney apartment tenants

Letters to the Editor

Cheney is a tight-knit, friendly town, home to many families and college students. Our secluded town, however, lacks one large component of a thriving community: A recycling system for residents and students living in Cheney apartment complexes. Each day the community throws away tons of garbage that ends up in landfills. A good majority of that trash is recyclable material.

Currently, most apartment complexes are equipped with dumpsters, but not with recycling bins.

It is up to the property owners of these complexes to help alleviate this issue. A few solutions to the problem are to provide recycling bins for all Cheney apartment complexes alongside the dumpsters, have landlords collect recyclable material from each tenant and personally take them to the local facility, or continue to provide only trash facilities and not add recycling services.

Not all college students or residents have cars — or time — to visit local recycling facilities.

The easiest way to start recycling is for landlords to place community recycle bins next to the dumpsters.

Although it may be somewhat costly to place a bin at each complex, it will save money in the long run (which is currently wasted on trash) and will help preserve our environment.

Kara L. Magee

Cheney, WA

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