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What ever happened to competition?


Well, well, well, news flash, former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force Terry Yonkers has come out and stated that the Spokane Tribe Economic Project has a “low and insignificant disruption to the Fairchild flying mission.” This along with the Federal Aviation Administration report found no encroachment other than from the trailer parks in the crash and approach zones.

Just take part of a day and park at Spoko Fuel gas station and watch the Fairchild planes fly over. If you notice, they fly further north of the planned location and over the new housing areas of Airway Heights.

The Spokane City Council’s recent reversal should be a heads up to the other cities in the area such as Cheney and Medical Lake, and the Spokane County Commissioners that they need to take another look at this project.

I for one do not care if this casino is built or not, but it’s time that Greater Spokane Incorporated sees the potential for the new jobs and growth in the area, not just looking out for Spokane.  Sure Northern Quest’s profits are going to go down some, but so are the donations they are making to the campaign funds of many of our elected officials.

What ever happened to competition between businesses?

Gerald Goertz

Medical Lake


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