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Snow plows should start prior to morning rush

Letters to the Editor


After a large snowfall overnight, a person’s worst nightmare is to drive alongside traffic on the snow-covered streets on their way to work or school in the early morning. I propose the streets be plowed and cleared before 8 a.m., which is when most people are preparing to commute to work, and venture out on to the roads of the Cheney and Spokane area. Many people are very nervous and inexperienced driving in the snow, especially people who are not from this area, which is a large population of people who attend the community colleges and universities in this area.

If the streets were plowed in the early morning, and most were cleared before many citizens of the Spokane and Cheney areas were to drive on them to get to work, there would be less accidents due to inexperienced drivers in the snow, and the amount of cars getting plowed in would decrease because there would be less cars parked on the sides on the roads in the early morning. Plowing the streets in the early morning prior to the morning work rush is the opportune time to clear the roadways due to less traffic, as well as preventing many negative outcomes.

Megan M. Schlenker



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