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Use aircraft carriers for irrigation


The old saying, “Water- water everywhere, and not a drop to drink (or irrigate),” these days. It’s no secret that much of the nation is in drought conditions, especially in much of the food production areas such as Southern California and the southern states.

The answer? Get the older decommissioned super aircraft carriers out of mothballs, man them with reserve naval personnel and tow them to areas where they can produce millions of gallons of water, daily.

Much of the irrigation water piping systems are already in existence and it would be a simple matter of hooking the fresh water produced by the desalination equipment to the non-nuclear carriers.

Millions of gallons of perfectly clean fresh water can be produced by the carriers — free of charge to the stricken states — as we are in an emergency mode nationally as far as fresh water availability is concerned for drinking and agricultural requirements. 

At present we have four to five non-nuclear aircraft carriers in a reserve status. The Forrestal class is scheduled for break up and the lead ship, USS Forrestal, was recently “sold” for scrap for $1. One dollar folks! Who ever thought that one up?

Well, I know of a bridge back in New Jersey I’ll sell you. It even comes with lanes that can be closed by anybody — at any time — especially around election periods. 

As Winston Churchill once said “It is a riddle, inside a mystery, inside an enigma.” But, enough about getting state Route 904 expanded and improved. As I stated earlier, nobody asked me, but… 

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