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STA buses should run past midnight

Letters to the Editor


Have you ever left the bars and suddenly realized that not only did you not have money for a cab, but also the buses had stopped running?

During the weekend many people go out to the bars and drink with friends and at the end of the night many people are unable to find a ride home so some decide to walk while others decide to drive. This not only causes an extra amount of drunken people to be wandering the streets, but also causes car wrecks to occur.

The bus system now stops running around mid-night, when many people are just beginning their nights. STAstops buses early, possibly as a way to save money, but stopping them early causes more life threatening issues to occur. I propose the buses keep running until 2 a.m. during the weekends. Yes, this will cost STA extra to pay for gas and the drivers, but the extra business from the late night riders will help make up the costs. It will also help keep drunk drivers off the roads and provide people with a safe, reliable way home.

Audrey L. Oswald


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