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Gibbs buys Cheney dental practice


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Dr. Marshall Gibbs examines a Cheney Middle School student during the recent Give Kids a Smile day.

Nobody likes going to the dentist. Everyone knows that, even Dr. Marshall Gibbs who recently acquired the former Stockton & Gibbs Dentistry practice.

Gibbs is fully aware of the distaste folks have about getting their teeth looked at, but that is a perception he would like to see change after patients visit him.

"My whole focus is, what can we do for patients," Gibbs said about his vision for the practice.

He plans on having a practice that is "tailored around patients and the community," which could include later hours or even Saturday appointments down the road for those who need services that require more time away from work to complete.

Gibbs also hopes to implement more advanced technologies to ease patients concerns and discomfort.

Already the practice has moved away from requiring mountains of paperwork to be filled out before their appointments. This has now be digitized and allows for less mouse clicks than you use to surf the Internet.

Integrating technology will also have an affect on how seriously some adults will take their personal dental hygiene.

Gibbs will be able to photograph problem areas to actually show the issue at hand, which would make any "concerns more realistic" to the patient.

Which means no more doctors asking you "Now do you see what I'm looking at here," with your mouth full of dental accoutrements and apparatuses.

Gibbs' purchase of the dentistry office may seem sudden to some within the community, but he and Dr. Bob Stockton had been discussing the opportunity for some time.

To those who are long time patients of Stockton, he will still remain at the office, a welcomed colleague as far as Gibbs is concerned.

Both are willing to compromise to create the "best possible dental experience" for their patients.

"I'm excited to be a part of the community," Gibbs said.

That was clear on Friday, Feb. 7, during the "Give the Kids a Smile" project which gives local in-need children dental care for free.

"I never want to see a child in pain."

Gibbs regarded the transition as a "very smooth" one and look forward to the progress he and his team will make.

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