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Families can benefit from hosting exchange students

Letters to the Editor


Responsible parents looking for ways to supplement the educational and personal growth opportunities for their children should consider hosting a teenage exchange student for an academic semester or year. Children and adults alike by interacting on a daily basis with a new international family member, broaden their perspective on the world and discover new facts and ideas.

NorthWest Student Exchange (NWSE) places international high school students with families all over the country. Exchange students add a dimension to the family dynamic that cannot be achieved in any other way.

The benefits to the exchange student are perhaps obvious, honing their English skills, learning about the educational system in this country, understanding United States social, political and cultural values and establishing international friendships.

Benefits to the host families are similar. Not only can host families learn about another culture and its values, but also they can view the U.S. through another’s eyes, and thereby gain a broader understanding of our own country.

Families do not have to have children at home to host. Many childless couples, empty nesters, and single parent families have enjoyed exchange students.

Those who cannot host can earn financial incentives for referring us families who do host.

NWSE students are closely screened for appropriate motivation, academic and language skills. Our students have solid emotional and practical support from NWSE professional partners abroad and from the student’s natural parents in their own country.

Our students come with their own spending money, health and accident insurance. NWSE local academic coordinators recruit, screen and orient local host families and provide close support throughout the program.

Merle Barr



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