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By Al Stover
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Cheney showcases 'Seahawk Spirit' on Super Bowl Sunday

Crunch Time


Being a fan of a football team that didn’t make it to the Super Bowl can be a bit of a letdown, especially if you’re like me and had to witness your beloved Minnesota Vikings finish the season with a record of 5-10-1.

But even a disappointing Vikings season didn’t stop me from being filled with the “Seahawk Spirit” this past Sunday.

As I ventured out to run some errands, I noticed the many Seahawks faithful out, wearing their blue and green apparel as they grabbed goodies for their Super Bowl parties. Several businesses closed their doors early while shops that were open, allowed employees to wear Seahawks jerseys. I found it admirable that Cheney immersed themselves into the spirit of the 12th Man.

It’s no surprise that there is an abundance of Seahawks fans in the area. The team held training camps at Eastern Washington University from 1976-85, and from 1997-2006.

I went to Eagle’s Pub to watch the game. In celebration of the Super Bowl, the barhad food specials and themed drinks like “Manning Mayhem,” “Beast Mode Punch” and “12th Man.” Aside from a couple of Denver Broncos fans at a table, patrons and bartenders were dressed in their greens and blues.

Seeing this type of passion displayed by football fans in one place made me forget the woes of being a fan of a losing team, until trivia master Ryan Jensen reminded everyone that the Vikings were one of several NFL franchises that never won a Super Bowl.

As the countdown to the kickoff began, more Seahawk fans came into the pub. Some folks would see Manning on the television and make predictions on how long it would take before he was out of the game. Others told stories about former Seahawk players, including quarterback Jon Kitna (1996-2000) and defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy (1990-2000).

The place erupted in cheers as the Seahawks emerged from the tunnel, led by Taima the hawk. The shouts turned into a shower of boos - and one cheer - as the Broncos made their way onto the field.

Fans were riled up after the Seahawks scored their first points of the game, a result of Manning missing the snap and Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno grabbing the ball in the end zone before he was downed for the safety. Those first 12 seconds of the game set the tone for the rest of the game.

Fans continued to be vocal throughout the first quarter. Echoes of “ooh,” “yeah,” and claps would fill the air every time Seattle made a good play. There were also “no,” “boos” and curse words whenever Denver made some progress on the field.

Then came the screams from Seattle fans after Marshawn Lynch made his one-yard touchdown, followed by chants of “Seahawks.” Although some folks did complain about the lack of a close game, others were thrilled about the blowout. As one gentleman put it, “you can’t say the Seahawks didn’t earn it.”

Something that caught my eye was how passionate these fans are, they celebrated the Seahawks win without going overboard. Cheney fans kept it mildly calm after the game. There were no riots, fights or other types of incidents that are associated with post-Super Bowl celebrations. One person berated his friend about his “authenticity” as a Seahawks fan, though it only resulted in the two sharing beer together.

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