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'A Perfect Wedding' leaves audiences laughing

Letters to the Editor


In regards to Kelsey Lavelle’s review of StageWest’s production of “A Perfect Wedding,” I too attended a performance (albeit on a different date) and had a significantly different experience.

While I agree with Ms. Lavelle’s assessment of the performances by Jessie Smylie and Phil West, I saw a completely different effort from the rest of the cast than she. Judy, as played by Lindsey Bekemeyer, was completely believable in her embarrassment in the predicament she found herself in as a self assured, mature young woman who knows not only who she is but what she wants.

Katherin Louis, as the bride Rachel, is equally believable as she supposed to be focused on her wedding day as the other members hilariously conspire in constantly changing pairs to conceal from her and each other their various levels of involvement in the “crime.” Jeff Keller as the wayward groom delivers a side splittingly funny performance with his expressive non-verbal antics as he “helps” his best man concoct a believable story for the bride, and his witty repartee with both the best man and the maid had me nearly rolling on the floor and the entire audience laughing loudly.

The toilet brush, by the way, serves to indicate by possession who has the floor in the many fast paced dialog exchanges. I highly recommend attending.

Chuck Booth


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