Some Super Bowl super fun facts you may or may not know

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Are you tired of the Super Bowl yet? It’s not even Sunday, let alone game time, and most people are likely fed up past their mouth guards with Super Bowl hype.

Especially this week one week before the game when the hype machine kicks into “hyper-“ drive. Doh! Sorry.

Whether you’re Seahawks fan or Broncos (and if you are, who let you into this state?), a lot of us just want the game to begin. Kick that ball off and get those multi-million dollar commercials rolling.

I hope it’s a good game, really. No blowouts please. It’s been a while since the old times, but I remember them unfortunately all too well.

Super Bowl XVIII, Los Angeles Rrrraaaaiiiidddderrs 38, Washington 9. Super Bowl XIX, San Francisco 38, Miami 16. Super Bowl XX, Chicago 46, New England (lost their plane tickets) 10.

Denver’s 55-10 pounding by the 49ers in 1990. The four straight Buffalo Bills losses, including 55-17 by Dallas in 1993.

The games have been pretty good, close and exciting the last decade or so. Good for ratings, good for advertisers forking out for multi-million dollar commercials.

But, just in case it gets boring, or the commercials are real clunkers, here’s some fun Super Bowl facts courtesy of Newsday, King 5 and your fun-filled Cheney Free Press sports columnist and editor.

With Seattle bringing the No. 1 ranked defense in the NFL into the game, name the last defensive player to win the Super Bowl MVP. It was Tampa Bay’s Dexter Jackson in Super Bowl XXVII.

What four teams are tied with the most Super Bowl losses at four each? I gave you one above. The other two are Minnesota (sorry Randy), New England and Denver.

What team has the most Super Bowl wins? That would be the Pittsburgh Steelers with six.

Which conference has won the most Super Bowls? The NFC has, 25 of 47 including a run of 13 straight from 1985-1997.

Which head coach has the most Super Bowl appearances? Hall of Famer Don Shula – six with Miami.

Name the four teams that have never appeared in a Super Bowl. Detroit, Jacksonville, Tennessee and Cleveland.

Which position player has won the most Super Bowl MVP trophies? Quarterbacks, 26 friggin’ times.

If the Seahawks win, what two coaches will head coach Pete Carroll join as having the distinction of winning a Super Bowl title and an NCAA football title? Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer.

A 30-second commercial for Super Bowl I cost $42,000. How much will one cost for Super Bowl XLVIII? Four million buckeroonees.

The base ticket price for Super Bowl I was $6, $8 and $12. What do tickets for Super Bowl XLVIII run? Between $500 and $2,600, but many people are likely to pay more on the open market.

The Vince Lombardi Trophy stands 20 and three-quarters inches tall, weighs 6.7 pounds, is valued at more than $25,000 and is made of sterling silver by Tiffany & Company.

The coldest outdoor Super Bowl was Super Bowl VI New Orleans, before the Superdome opened. It was 39 degrees. The current forecast indicates Super Bowl XLVIII will likely break that record.

The Broncos and Seahawks faced each other twice a year when Seattle was a member of the AFC West, with Denver owning the all-time series 34-11. Seattle however won the only playoff match up between the two, 34-7 in 1983.

And so there you have it. Reading material for the game, or perhaps a fun trivia contest after polishing off a couple cold, beverages. Have fun – and Go Seahawks! LOB!

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