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City Council discusses IT services and rezoning property

Contineo and Askavs submit proposals at Airway Heights session


The Airway Heights City Council held a study session, Jan. 27 where they discussed several items that will move forward to future legislative meetings.

Development Services Director Derrick Braaten discussed the professional services contract award for the information technology services project. Braaten explained there were submittals from two companies: Contineo Technologies and Aakavs Consulting.

Braaten said he had received the IT services contract that morning and did not have a chance to prepare the copies of the documents for the City Council. He recommended Contineo as their submittal came in under the proposed budget.

The contract is for the first phase, which will be an analysis of the system. Braaten explained that Contineo estimated 30 hours to come in and map the system by March. Once the system analysis is finished, the second phase would consist of a vendor coming in and implement the plan, developed in the first phase, into the system.

Braaten explained that the submittal and skill set from Aakavs seemed to be more in line with phase II of the project and hoped they would make a submittal after the first phase is complete.

Braaten next presented a request by Steve Mathers and said he is looking to increase his mother’s property from Light Commercial (C-1) to General Commercial (C-2). According to Braaten, this will not require a comprehensive plan change because the land will still be commercial property and that Mathers is looking for more intense commercial use of the land.

Braaten explained he had been going back and forth with Mathers for several months. He told Mathers he had the right to petition to rezone or move the property to C2. Braaten said that Mathers had wanted to use the property for industrial purposes, but could not due to the restrictions and comprehensive plan changes that would be involved.

Braaten said the staff will probably do a full rezone between Lawson and Lundstrom, 17th and 18th from C-1 to C-2 in the summer.

“That property has been sitting and I’ve keep getting calls from people that can’t use them because it’s not zoned right,” Braaten said.

Braaten said he explained to Mathers that he could wait until the city rezones the property, but he does not want to wait.

Airway Heights Fire Chief Mitch Metzger presented the Cooperative Fire Service Interlocal Agreement between Airway Heights, Medical Lake and Spokane County Fire District 10 to contract Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI) to perform an evaluation of the three individual departments and recommend ways where the departments can work together.

Mayor Patrick Rushing said they had previously read the agreement, which will be voted on at the Feb. 3 meeting.

The cooperative interlocal agreement will be on next week’s legislature meeting.

After Metzger discussed the interlocal agreement, Clerk-Treasurer Richard Cook presented the first reading of Salary Ordinance C-823. Cook explained that the agreement will provide for salary and benefit adjustments for Local 270-A city employees, Public Safety Guild and non-representative employees. The ordinance does reflect monthly wage base pay ranges for those positions.

Cook said he would make some changes before the next City Council meeting.

Rushing said this gives the council three weeks to look over the ordinance and ask questions.

Acting City Manager Lee Bennett discussed the Public Safety Guild Contract. Bennett said the contract is what the city proposed to the guild.

According to Bennett, the guild turned down the contract when they voted on it, but had to conduct a revote because they had violated their own bylaws on how they voted. When the guild conducted a revote, they passed the contract.

After Bennett spoke, Cook discussed a memorandum of an agreement between the city and the Local 270-A. The memorandum is a result of mediation between the city and Local 270-A, with a mediator from the Public Employee Relations Commission, Jan. 8.

Rushing said he had talked to City Manager Albert Tripp and he said it was a good agreement and helps “folks from being further behind.”

Public Works Director Kelly Williquette presented a request of acceptance of the completion for the Reservoir and Transmission Project. Williquette explains there had been concerns about the meter not reading correctly. The meters had since been recalibrated and are working well and Williquette said he would like to move it forward.

The next City Council meeting will take place Feb. 3.

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