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A 'Daily Dose' is enough


Lynette Hagel

Bruce and Janet Holloway (standing) with some of their "Daily Dose" English program students.

An opportunity was presented and Cheney-area residents Bruce and Janet Holloway jumped in full force.

Since April 2013, they have headed up the "Daily Dose" English program for the West Plains community. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has been using this Life Skills program since 2004 and has seen huge success in many areas in Utah.

Daily Dose is unique in that it is designed to help people feel comfortable learning conversational English in a friendly, loving environment. The teachers are called "facilitators" because there is no lecturing but instead a lot of personal attention and human interaction.

The lessons are set up to be shared for 30 minutes and are based on learning basic every day language, for example: how to introduce yourself, how to go shopping, how to go to the post office, etc. The Holloway's have taken this responsibility very seriously and they are known to spend an hour and a half with their new friends. The Holloway's have become so close with the people who come that they are called "Family."

Several members of the class were happy to provide some testimonials. Mr. and Mrs. Baptiste, who are from Honduras have been coming for the months and have learned to converse very well.

"Learning English is hard when you get older, and this program is a special way to learn. It is a practical lesson. We are learning normal conversation in different levels," Mr. Baptiste said. He added that the Holloway's are so patient with them, which makes everyone feel comfortable.

Bruce Holloway learned to speak Spanish as a kid while living on a ranch in California and is able to communicate and translate as they are learning together. Mr. Heredia, formerly of Mexico, says it has been a beautiful experience for him and his wife. All of the students are very thankful to Bruce and Janet for giving up so much time for them.

A Daily Dose is held Monday–Friday from 5-6 p.m. at the Institute Building in Cheney, 719 Seventh St. It is a free service and all are welcome. If you would like to learn more about Daily Dose go to


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