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Hallett Elementary students bust myths in lab

A Hallett Elementary School student pulls off a tablecloth, resulting in dishes and silverware crashing on the floor. Several feet away, two of his classmates sit at a table, attempting to pull apart two phone books that had their pages interlaced together.

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Al Stover
Elementary STEM Coach Marci Dayton prepares to drop a ball of clay onto the floor in front of an audience of students and parent as part of an experiment to see if falling on the ground was dangerous as falling into water.

Both the tearing apart of the phone books and the ripping of the tablecloth were not acts of misbehaving, but rather two science experiments happening during the Mythbusters lab, presented by Medical Lake School District's STEM program, Jan. 18, at Hallett Elementary.

According to Elementary STEM Coach Marci Dayton, who headed the prese...

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