Brunell, Matthew too predictable


The last two issues of the Free Press have had great opinion articles about the problems of our economy, if you are for unrestrained capitalism.

Last week Don C. Brunell of the Association of Washington Business proclaimed his usual dislike for over regulation by government.

While acknowledging that some regulation is necessary, he attacks the Affordable Care Act, the Washington Department of Ecology for “pursuing new water quality regulations” and Governor Inslee for advocating “California-like climate change regulations.”

The second opinion appeared Dec. 26, 2013 written by Merrill Matthew, a resident scholar at the Dallas-based Institute for Policy Innovation.

He also denigrates the Affordable Care Act but his main concern is energy policy where he belittles the use of renewable fuels for solving some of economic and environmental problems.

Mr. Matthew residing in Texas, our largest oil producing state, would of course support the use of fossil fuels thus he is most predictable.

These gentlemen cause me to make my predictable response.

Universal health care is a necessity to have a life, a vision expressed by our founding fathers, so I support the ACA as a first step toward my vision for a national health plan.

As for regulation of fossil fuels to decrease the spiral of greenhouse gases, such action is necessary or the planet is in great peril.

Preserving clean water should be a goal of everyone as it is also necessary to life.

Finally Mr. Brunell protests too loudly about over regulation in our State as we are always ranked as one of the top venues for doing business, as a quick search in the Internet will show.

Dave Daugharty



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