December 26, 2013 | Vol. 117 -- No. 36

Healing tales

Former ML veterinarian releases book 'Mending God's Creatures'

Two years after his retirement, Dr. Jim Roloff published his first book, "Mending God's Creatures."

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Dr. Jim Roloff
Dr. Jim Roloff and his wife Sandy stand outside the Medical Lake Veterinary Clinic, which they operated from 1975-2011. Dr. Roloff published the book "Mending God\'s Creatures," an anthology of short stories based his experiences.

Roloff, an alum of Eastern Washington University and Washington State University, had worked as a veterinarian for over 35 years. He operated the Medical Lake Veterinary Clinic from 1975-2011, selling the practice that final year.

During his years as a veterinarian, people would ask Roloff about the things he saw throughout his career. According to Roloff, several people recommended he write a book about his experiences.

In December 2011, almost three months after he had sold his practice...

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