December 19, 2013 | Vol. 117 -- No. 35

North Pole non-stop to Christmas joy

Spokane Fantasy Flight teams with local charities to provide a special day for underprivileged children

Most people think loud and excited children are the worst part of flying. For flight 1225, the plane is full of exactly those types of children who are all flying where every child wishes they could spend a day, the North Pole.

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Spokane Fantasy Flight
Flight attendants provide treats and fun for local children and families during last Saturday\'s Fantasy Flight to the North Pole.

Aside from it's destination, flight 1225 is a once a year event put on by Northwest North Pole Adventures, commonly called Spokane Fantasy Flight.

"This is an opportunity to create a memory that will last a lifetime," Steve Paul, CEO and President of NNPA, said.

Saturday Dec. 14 will remain a special day in the minds of 63 local underprivileged children who spent...

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