December 12, 2013 | Vol. 117 -- No. 34

One cruise led to many for the Van Kurens

Once upon a time there was a husband who said to his wife, "I want to buy you a hot tub." His wife said, "I want a cruise." It was their 25th wedding anniversary. Ruth Van Kuren packed her suitcase. Lawson Van Kuren packed his suitcase. They enjoyed the cruise and began to plan for another.

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Ruth and Lawson Van Kuren
Ruth and Lawson Van Kuren have made seeing the world via cruise ships a habit.

Ruth Van Kuren said, "We went every other year. We started going on 61 day cruises." Their plans and dreams began to grow. They studied Singapore, Malaysia, Cape Town, and Casablanca in Morocco. They talked about Cape Town, the capital of the Republic of South Africa. They discussed exploring the city...

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