December 12, 2013 | Vol. 117 -- No. 34

EWU engineering students help local senior residents

Students from Eastern Washington University's Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Technology student club took time out of their busy finals schedule to solve a need for the senior citizens of the Cheney Care Center and Cheney Assisted Living.

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Don Richter
EWU student Matt Clarke (middle left) and Garrett Husky (middle right) present cardholders to Kris Bahr, (left) activity lead at Cheney Care Center and Abby Kulm, Cheney Assisted Living activity director.

The Care Center approached the students to design and build playing cardholders. Some residents had a hard time playing cards because they had trouble holding cards and or had limited hand dexterity. The 16 card holding devices were made to the Care Centers requirements and presented to the residents on Dec. 2.

The engineering student...

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