November 14, 2013 | Vol. 117 -- No. 30

Revenue will keep Cheney Fire at maintenance levels

One department goal in 2014 is to begin planning for replacing major equipment

Like all other city departments relying on general fund tax revenue, the Cheney Fire Department is hoping to do at least as much in the way of service in 2014 as they have in 2013 – and with not a whole lot more revenue.

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The Fire Department is proposing a 2014 budget of $1,581,400, most of which would come out of a combination of revenue resources that make up the city’s projected $6,787,500 general fund budget. Fire Chief Mike Winters said in an email the department’s proposal is $30,100 more than last year, just under a 2 percent increase.

Winters outlined some of the department’s...

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