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I wish to write you a letter in reference to a wonderful experience I encountered Monday, Oct. 28.

A year ago I took my 1998 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 truck into an auto service center in Spokane, for just an oil, filter and lube service. There was nothing wrong with the vehicle.

Upon retrieval they told me, that my front-left four-wheel drive seal, was just starting to leak oil. There had been no leaks until then. They quoted me $600 to repair. So I declined.

In the meantime I obtained a much better price quote from Aaron, owner of AMG Auto Repair on First Street in Cheney. So on Monday I took the truck to Aaron, and in 30 minutes he calls me to tell me the problem was a loose oil filter which is positioned directly above the left drive seal, hence giving the appearance of a leaking seal.

I am so overly pleased with Aaron’s honesty, as he had a wide-open opportunity to take advantage of an unneeded repair that this other business was hoping to capitalize on. Not only did he save me a huge expense, but also extensive damage to my motor had all the oil leaked out. I feel AMG Auto Repair needs to be recognized for their integrity, and honesty, not to mention excellent workmanship.

Jan Busch


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