Dolle deserves board vote for Cheney School Board

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It is with great pleasure that I am writing a letter in support of our current Cheney School Board president Suzanne Dolle who is running for a second term on the Cheney School Board of Directors.

I have gotten to know Suzanne through shared work on committees and through her volunteer work in my classroom. In all situations I have admired her professionalism and her commitment to children.

In working on committees with director Dolle, I have observed that she listens and participates in discussions on the topic, asked pertinent and sometimes difficult questions and is able to see and connect with all opinions in the room and then makes an informed decision that always has at its heart what is best for students in the Cheney School District.

She is extremely approachable and it is easy to see her commitment to children as the conversations with her quickly turn to students, the great things they are doing, how we can create programs to enrich each individual child’s learning and concern for their safety.

When my second grade students were studying community helpers I invited Dolle to come and speak with our class. She taught the students what a school board member’s job entailed, how important education was to her and the joy she receives through service to others.

The students asked her many questions, which she answered, and even asked her why students could not chew gum in school. Suzanne said she did not know that answer and would look into it. Within the week she had written to my class with an answer to their questions. She has had lunch with my students and enjoyed learning what was important to them, what they were learning and how they felt about school.

Suzanne Dolle is committed to the students of the Cheney School District. She is actively involved in the schools not only as a school board member, but as a grandparent, a volunteer and a community member. It is without reservation that I am voting for Suzanne Dolle for Cheney School Board Position 2 and I am encouraging you to do the same.

Jane Smedley



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