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Being a realtor, Hilton isn't the right choice for Cheney City Council

Letters to the Editor


I would like to thank the Cheney Free Press for sharing their interviews with the four candidates seeking a position on the City Council. However, when I add this information to that gained from candidate talks at the forum, I am concerned about one issue.

Who decides when a council member is required to recuse him/herself from voting on an issue? I had thought there was a state law governing this, but when I inquired of the city, I was told the council member makes the decision and the city will provide information from the Cheney code of ethics if requested by the candidate.

This led me to feel that neither a developer nor a Realtor should consider running for a position on the City Council or the Planning Commission because of the difficulty in choosing the issues where they should recuse themselves from voting.

Most issues that could affect a developer’s financial position and call for the decision not to vote are straightforward.

However, for Realtors there is a long list of council or planning voting issues that may be seen as controversial, in a more subtle but long-term manner. It may be best for a Realtor to abstain from voting on planning, utilities, zoning, taxes, and this list could get very long in the view of some voters.

I was impressed with the introductory talk Dan Hilton presented at the forum and feel he is a true “Cheney-ite.” However, I do not feel comfortable with any Realtor or any developer filling a position on the City Council or Planning Commission. I do hope I have an opportunity to support Dan Hilton in seeking to serve Cheney in some other community position.

Bonnie Eccles



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