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EWU boasts record fall enrollment again


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Eastern Washington University’s fall enrollment has set a record for the fifth consecutive year, surpassing last year’s mark by more than 200 students.

The overall headcount for the fall 2013 quarter, which includes all students who take classes at every level at Eastern, is 12,791. In 2012, EWU’s overall headcount totaled 12,587.

“These enrollment numbers are the byproduct of strong student retention efforts, lower tuition costs compared to other public institutions in Washington and quality programs,” EWU President Rodolfo Arévalo said.

President Arévalo pointed out improved retention is the result of better access to academic support services on campus, increased institutional aid for students, as well as a strong daily commitment from faculty and staff to ensure student success - a top priority at Eastern.

The successful retention efforts are also reflected in the fact there is an increase of more than 300 juniors and seniors on the Eastern campus this quarter than at the same time last year.

Also of note, new student enrollment at Eastern is also up, led by an increase of 116 transfer students. Administrators credit new direct transfer agreements between Eastern and community colleges as helping students smoothly move into EWU from the community colleges.


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