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Redell seeks another term on Medical Lake council


Brenda Redell is seeking to retain her seat on the Medical Lake City Council in the upcoming election.

She said the current makeup of the council is a big part of why she’s running for another term. The council is on the right track, she said, and has a good understanding of what the city’s residents are seeking from representatives.

“I feel like we need to continue in that direction,” she said. “We’re past that learning curve.”

Redell mentioned that the SR 902 project completion is something that will help spur growth in that area of town. Mentioning funding as well, she said there needs to be a turnaround in the state’s budget to help accomplish things at the city level.

One item Redell is passionate about is providing paratransit for city residents. She served on the Spokane Transit Authority board for small cities to provide a voice for Medical Lake, which proved influential when budget cuts hit the organization and routes were in jeopardy. Although she no longer serves on the board, Redell maintains connections with those in the organization.

A lifelong resident of Medical Lake, she said working in the city has been a great benefit during her time on the City Council. Interacting with residents and hearing their concerns is a regular event for her.

“I see concerns, I can question things and have people ask me questions every day,” she said.

One challenge facing the city, she said, is addressing the misconception that the city doesn’t have a police presence. Redell cited the city’s contract with Spokane County Sheriff’s Office has not only increased service in the city, but it’s provided an opportunity to have two full-time detectives stationed in the city. That’s led to higher response rates and better coverage.

“We also became a West Plains outpost,” she said.

She also said one challenge is to address another misconception that the city doesn’t have any Emergency Medical Service response in place.

In regards to increasing revenue, Redell said one way to help would be to draw businesses to Medical Lake. One obstacle facing the city, she said, is the lack of regular traffic to attract commercial businesses.

“We don’t have the huge obstacles to do business here,” she said. “I’ve had several businesses say it was easiest to do in Medical Lake. There wasn’t any relative cost.”

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