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Overhauser seeks her fourth term on Cheney City Council Position 4


Teresa Overhauser, a three-term incumbent for City Council Position 4, believes she still has plenty more to offer to the city of Cheney.

“It has been three terms and I really feel like I can still make a difference,” Overhauser said. “I believe I have a different voice on council than my other council members. I find that my interests or the questions I ask and the perspective I bring is different from theirs.”

Among the things that Overhauser would like to accomplish if reelected is to continue to work alongside the mayor to improve the safety of the two-lane SR 904 between Four Lakes and Cheney.

“I believe that it is terribly unsafe and from a safety perspective, I think that it should be a priority for our community,” Overhauser said.

Another issue of significance to Overhauser is to attempt to strengthen the influence of the Cheney community with its state elected officials in hopes of getting Cheney recognized as an integral part of the district.

As an incumbent of the council, Overhauser has firsthand experience with some of the current challenges that the city faces, pointing to funding as one of the biggest issues moving forward.

“Just funding in particular,” Overhauser said. “We had some opportunities over the last few years to get out of a real financial mess. But you know with development slowing down and the economy taking longer to recover we are going to have a hard time delivering services at the level and quality that we are able to now unless we find some additional revenue.”

Overhauser believes that one way the city can combat this issue and increase revenue lies within the vacant 35-acre Industrial and Commerce Park of which the city of Cheney owns 60 percent.

“It really gets back to the economic development,” Overhauser said. “We need some additional business help to our economy.”


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