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Silver Lake milfoil spraying proposal resurfaces


Homeowners along the southern end of Silver Lake have submitted a request to spray milfoil using herbicides.

The applicants have requested to use “2,4-D,” a relatively fast-acting selective herbicide that kills the entire plant, according to the Department of Ecology’s website.

The group, Associated Silver Lake Owners, seeks to apply the herbicide to 150 acres of the lake. Homeowners on the northern end of the lake are concerned about the impacts it could have on their water wells, which are connected to Silver Lake itself, and livestock.

Public notices from the Associated Silver Lake Owners were published Sept. 1 and 8 in the Spokesman-Review, with permit coverage beginning no earlier than 30 days after the second public notice. As such, the public comment period for the proposal ends Tuesday, Oct. 8.

A previous attempt was made in 2008 to spray the lake in an effort to eradicate the milfoil present. The shoreline toward the southern end of the lake has less of a grade and is shallower than the northern end, presenting challenges for homeowners.

According to the current proposal document, “the management goals for this project are to improve the beneficial uses of the southern end of the lake.” “The goal is to improve the swimming, boating and access to the central area of the lake,” the document reads.

Management alternatives include no action, prevention and manual control methods, among others.

Silver Lake is 490 acres and has an average depth of 30 feet. Milfoil is also present on the northern end of the lake.

Although not currently listed on Ecology’s website as open for public comment, the agency will take comments from the public. To comment on the issue, contact the Water Quality Program, Aquatic pesticide Permit manager at the Department of Ecology by email at, or by phone at 360-407-6283.

Editor’s note: Next week’s edition will detail both sides of the issue.

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