September 12, 2013 | Vol. 117 -- No. 21

New study of Washington drivers: accidents waiting to happen?

SPOKANE - One in 12 Washington drivers was spotted either texting or talking on the phone, in a study of motorists’ behavior released Monday. Researchers sat at busy intersections in six counties over the summer to track what they saw, observing some 7,800 motorists. And their findings - that just over 8 percent of drivers are distracted by electronics - don’t surprise personal injury attorneys who deal with the consequences of devastating accidents that can be caused by carelessness.

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Researchers in six Washington counties observed motorists at busy intersections and noticed one in 12 drivers texting or talking on their mobile devices.

John Allison, a lawyer in Spokane, said he thinks the 8 percent figure is low.

“Well, I think we’re...

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