September 5, 2013 | Vol. 117 -- No. 20

No matter the situation, a person is a person – born or unborn

Of Cabbages and Kings

All of a sudden, I must find something important to say. I have set aside a few silly remarks that occasionally squeeze into other stories and give you only what I believe is worth telling.

From, 5/1/12: In April of 2012 the Oklahoma Supreme Court decided unanimously “that a state effort to grant personhood to unborn children is clearly unconstitutional.”

How convenient those who made this decision have already been born and have lived their lives. There must be millions of people in our country whose birth dates were hurried ahead of schedule. My own birth date was set early because the doctor was afraid my mother might get caught in a snowstorm and not reach the hospital in time.

And how about the many twins who are born early? Shall we deny them their birth dates and make them wait a couple months? Think of the doctors who have saved many lives of children born early, yes, even at six months gestation. They might be your neighbors. Are they among those who would have been denied personhood?

I have heard that Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England, was a premature baby. Should he have been denied personhood? Remember what this “unperson” was able to accomplish, to save his country.

Here is another topic: Jim Gilchrist in his news item The Minuteman Project reports that just before our last election “millions of young illegal aliens were granted automatic amnesty…They all became free to live here in our United States of America.” Gilchrist calls this maneuver the Dream Act without Congress ever having voted on it.

He adds, “It already costs more than $12 billion to educate the children of illegal aliens every year.” More citizens were created with a stroke of a pen. Gilchrist said, “When you can do whatever you want through an Executive Order, who needs Congress? Who needs the Constitution? Who needs the People’s consent?”

OK folks, it’s your turn. Don’t throw your rocks at the Free Press. Remember, I said this was worth my telling. We have become a nation that wants to discard our own children as non-persons and accept others even though we know nothing about each individual who crosses the border. That’s a risky game we shouldn’t play.

Luella Dow is a Cheney-area author. She can be reached at

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