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Mercantile store thrives in new location


James Eik

Silver Lake Mercantile launched on June 15—Founder’s Day.

Business in the early days at Silver Lake Mercantile has been going well for Lyn Joyfull.

Joyfull previously owned and operated the mercantile store Hidden Treasures in Airway Heights before moving to Silver Lake toward the end of last year. For her, searching for antiques became something greater than a hobby in the 2000s, and finding value in an obscure object is well worth the hunt.

After making the call to open up a new store, she and the building landlord got to work on the mercantile’s once empty shell. Finally, after months of work, the store was ready for a launch on Founder’s Day weekend in Medical Lake. Joyfull joined other vintage and antique vendors outside Verve Vintage Home Furnishings, showing a wide array of items for customers.

The market for vintage and antique items tends to be particularly strong in the region, which supports a good customer base.

“Things are just not made like they used to,” Joyfull said.

Items found in the mercantile store include real wood, wrought iron, cast iron and various repurposed items. Joyfull also has 15 years of experience with jewelry, having operated Reignbow Jewels alongside her mercantile store. In addition to mercantile, also located in the same building is Grandpa’s Attic, which features classic pieces of Americana.

It’s no easy feat finding mercantile items, which requires going around to estate sales. Joyfull takes requests as well, if someone is looking for a particular item. Given her network of resources, she’s able to find a wide array of items.

“It’s a treasure hunt, going out and finding something that will brighten a person’s home,” she said.

Just like on Founder’s Day weekend mercantile stores in the region have different specialities, and often refer customers to each other.

Expecting a slow start to the business, Joyfull said the turnout has been very consistent since the business’ first day.

“We have been surprisingly busy,” she said.

Most of the items at the opening of the store had been in storage from Hidden Treasures, but Joyfull has built on that since then. When things finally began to take shape for the mercantile store in May, those items came out of storage and moved on to display. For initially not having any plans to open a business again, Joyfull has been encouraged by the numerous people she’s met in the short time since the store’s been open.

Located just outside Medical Lake, the store is another addition to an already diverse area.

“It’s well worth the drive. This is such a beautiful place out here,” she said.

Work isn’t done on growing Silver Lake Mercantile, as there’s another empty bay in the building that can be used to sell a different style of items, growing on the brand name.

The mercantile store is open Tuesday through Saturday during its summer hours schedule from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is located at 8818 S. Silver Lake Rd., off the Medical Lake-Four Lakes Road.

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