August 8, 2013 | Vol. 117 -- No. 16

Downtown brick crosswalks go away

Crews remove sagging bricks, plug holes with new asphalt along First Street

Those pesky paver bricks in downtown Cheney are gone.

Paul Delaney
Crews work on pulling the first half of bricks along First Street last Thursday.

As time went on after their installation in 2002, the bricks made pretty crosswalks, but were bad for the cars that crossed them and sometimes scraped away paint and body parts from low-riding automobiles.

Crews from Shamrock Paving in Spokane spent two days last week pulling up the bricks, and then filling in the hole they created with a fresh layer of asphalt.

“Everything went smooth except for the weather,” Todd Ableman, Cheney’s Public Works Director said. A portion of the pavers were removed last Thursday, but the rains came Friday and the job was completed Saturday.

The pavers were installed as part of a downtown beautification project. And while they looked nice as crosswalks, over time they suffered.

In recent years they became rutted, much like roads from studded tires. Portions sunk from the constant weight of vehicles.

“The paver bricks were to a point where they were so delaminated and they didn’t look good,” Ableman said. “The tires were kind of tearing it up.”

The decision was made to remove the bricks and patch those areas. The project began with the bidding process back in April. A contract was awarded to Shamrock Paving in June.

Initially the work was scheduled for early July. “But we held them off there because there was no guarantee it would get done (before the Cheney Rodeo and Jubilee,” Ableman said.

The project was based on the square footage and Ableman was uncertain of the exact cost until all the final figures are compiled. “When we estimated it was per square yard of removal,” Ableman said, adding the final cost should be between $30,000 to $40,000.

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