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Airway Heights finally approves code updates

Council passes ordinances enhancing multifamily house availability, adding mixed-use options


New zoning code updates received a third and final reading after nearly two years of discussion at the Monday, Aug. 5 meeting of the Airway Heights City Council.

Two ordinances, one to enhance availability of multifamily housing and another adding a mixed-use overlay, have gone back and forth between the city and various jurisdictions relating to how it would fit with aerospace enhancements. Spokane International Airport and Spokane County were among those who had numerous comments throughout the timeline.

Airway Heights at one point put itself under an emergency moratorium regarding mixed-use building applications, ultimately repealing its existing policy at the time, due to its vagueness. The new mixed-use document sets up some conditions to meet in order for a site to consider mixed use developments. Multifamily housing also must fit within sound contours adopted through the city’s amended version of the Joint Land Use Study, be outside of the 70-decibel sound line according to JLUS and meet other criteria.

Braaten said the city’s hearing examiner would be able to judge whether those conditions had been m


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