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By Luella Dow

CFCU's Keller keeps busy in business and life

Of Cabbages and Kings


Jeff Keller proudly standing with his daughter Cady.

Jeff Keller, marketing coordinator at Cheney Federal Credit Union, has his own quiet office. He is sort of the lone ranger among the 11 women at the Credit Union he calls his big sisters. Aside from being the marketing coordinator, Keller is responsible for managing the website, creating and distributing print materials, social media and several other assignments. “It’s a lot of fun,”he said.

When Keller still occupied a corner upstairs amid the coming and going of customers, little kids accompanying their parents would gather around his space to see what match box characters he displayed that particular day. In the beginning he had none. Friends got him started with tiny cars and tractors. Now, with a desk big enough for three people, who knows what might be on display. Keller likes people. He likes to talk and maintains bonds with those who become his friends. “I was born in Florida, he said. “My dad, Larry Keller, was in the Air Force so we moved and lived in many places. When people asked, ‘Where are you from?’ I sometimes wondered what to tell them. I’ve been in the West Plains area for 12 years and at Cheney FCU for eight years and hope to be here another eight years. So now I tell people this is my home town.”

“I went to Washington State University, made friends and enjoyed it so much,” he said. Then, with a goal in mind he attended Whitworth and got a BA in organizational management. ”I would like to teach at the college level. I have a passion for learning different subjects,”he said.

Keller isn’t tied to educational pursuits. He likes to play tennis or golf. He tries new restaurants and listens to different bands. Recently he bought a ukulele. “It’s a blast,“ he said. “So much fun. I enjoy strumming it, a neat little instrument.”

Keller’s daughter Cady is 12 years old. She will be in the seventh grade at Mountain Side Middle School this fall. “She’s amazing,” he said. “When she was in the fourth grade she was reading at the 12th grade level. When she thinks she might get a B grade on a subject, she’ll work hard to make it an A.”

Father and daughter have always had good discussions together and now Cady is offering her opinion on a subject. “I have an opinion on everything,” Keller said. Hey folks, how about starting a debate team? I don’t care who you choose but I want to be on Jeff and Cady’s side.

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