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Board approves all-day kindergarten


All-day kindergarten is coming to the Medical Lake School District this year, although it took some effort to make it become a reality.

After several years, the district’s revenue level is projected to be back where it was in the 2007-08 school year, which aided the process. At the Tuesday, July 23, school board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Pam Veltri said Medical Lake was about 40 buildings behind those that were selected on a list for all-day kindergarten funding. As a result, the district needed to scrape together some money to make it happen, part of it coming from additional Learning Assistance Program (LAP) funds. The district is also holding off on additional curriculum adoptions to help fund the program.

Business manager Don Johnson led a public hearing regarding the district’s 2013-14 operating budget prior to the start of the school board meeting. A future article will provide in-depth analysis of the district’s $19 million budget.

New director of Teaching and Learning Kim Headrick gave a brief overview of grant applications in the upcoming year. Title I allocation dropped from $185,381 to $157,560, which is used for salaries and benefits for Title I teachers at Hallett Elementary and Michael Anderson Elementary.

Title II Part A allocation is down from $78,756 to $62,776, which will go toward class size reduction in kindergarten and first grade. LAP allocation is set for $292,338 in 2013-14, far up from $154,560 last year. Those funds go toward LAP teachers and paraprofessionals’ salaries and benefits, in addition to in-service training for programs at the middle school and high school.

Two buses were approved for surplus sale at $1,000 each.

The meeting also marked the last for director Julie Albright, who submitted her resignation at the June meeting. Albright was on-hand at the meeting and received congratulatory messages from the board and administration. She was on the board for more than 15 years.

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