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Hoofer's results


Drew Peterson

Carl Combs

The annual Happy Hoofers Fun Run took place Saturday morning, with 100 people registered and raised $1,250 to be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network. The top three finishers time in minutes in the four categories over the 3.6-mile course are listed below.


Carl Combs    20:04

Takata Kurita    23:20

Tim Gainer    26:07


Kari Silver    24:30

Stacia Reagan    29:30

Kathy Gebhardt  31:13

Teen Male

Steven Zachman  21:02

Kameron Galm    22:59

Corey Newman  24:50

Teen Female

Drew Peterson

Kari Silver

Karli Eaker    41:09

Ashlee Medeiros  66:00


JT Casper    32:54

Matt Newman    37:52

Alex Eaker    41:22


Sierra O’Neil 34:09

Kiersten Gasper  39:09

Sydney Reagan    52:48

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