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Cheney Sears owners take over Oldies But Goodies



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Oldies But Goodies Auto Sales is under new ownership and is now Auto Services Plus.

Former owner Harlan Shellabarger, who took over Oldies But Goodies in 2008, made the decision to sell the auto shop to Cheney Sears owners Keith and Roberta Brannon primarily so he could spend more time with his wife now that his two sons have graduated college and moved away from the area.

“He had mentioned in the past that he was kind of getting burned out and I had mentioned that I wanted to get into small engine repair if I could,” Keith Brannon said. “I think there for awhile it was like we were subconsciously throwing hints out and nobody ever caught on. I approached him one day and asked him if he was serious about getting out, because if you are we might be interested in talking to you.”

Shellabarger was serious and eventually agreed to sell the business to the Brannons on the first of this month.

“It’s was a perfect fit for them,” Shellabarger said. “Since the shop is right next door to Sears and they want to focus on small engine repairs, it will be a great complement to what they want to do.”

Initially the Brannons took over the shop with the idea of performing only small engine repairs, but the way the situation materialized made them rethink the direction they wanted to take Auto Services Plus.

“When we came into this we thought we would like to eventually get into repairing small engines because it ties into kind of what we are doing now,” Keith Brannon said. “As it turns out we happen to come across a really good mechanic and so we decided it was a good opportunity.”

Although Auto Services Plus will no longer be selling used vehicles, auto mechanic Ronnie VanKnowe, who worked under Shellabarger at Oldies But Goodies, will continue to provide the same full auto service including lube, oil, filter, auto repairs and detailing along with the new service of small engine repairs.

“We were fortunate enough to keep Ron,” Keith Brannon said. “We have had Ron work on our vehicles in the past, before we had even dreamed of doing this, and so it was a perfect opportunity because we already knew Ron and we knew his work and the honesty and integrity.”

“Ronnie is the star of the show,” Shellabarger added.

While VanKnowe admits that it has been a challenge juggling the time between repairing automobiles and fusing the repairs with the small engines, he is particularly excited about the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with the Cheney community.

“Being able to take care of our customers, building the clientele within the community so they have a place they can go and they trust somebody that will give them an honest opinion and do good work on their vehicles and small engines,” VanKnowe said when asked about what excited him most about the changes.

Auto Services Plus is located at 16 W. First St, and is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

(Editor’s Note: Harlan Shellabarger is the publisher of the Cheney Free Press.)

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