By Luella Dow

Of Cabbages and Kings


Levine enjoys one of his favorite outdoor activities.

Jeff Levine is a junior at EWU specializing in criminal justice. He said, “I would like a career in law enforcement that ‘takes care’ of the bad guys.” I don’t want an office job. I like work that changes every day.” This was the ‘driving factor’, he said, that inspired Jeff to reach for his goal. He knows he has the ability to respond to emergencies and be at the scene immediately.

Levine played baseball at Centralia’s Community college before he transferred to EWU. He said, “I love the outdoors.” Levine named some outdoor sports he likes: hunting, skiing, fishing, hiking and camping. His family has a vacation cabin at Fox Lake, near Detroit Lakes, Minn. Over the years they have spent many memorable days there. Levine said, “It’s my favorite place. I still go there, take my friends and have fun.”

He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. “I like to work hard. Good honest work. A part of my life,” Levine said, “is faith in God. It affects who I am. It’s important for people to be honest as they go through life. Integrity will take you a long way.” Some day Levine hopes to travel to other countries and engage in international work. He also looks forward to having a family and owning his own property.

Levine enjoys the small town atmosphere of Cheney. He said “Seattle, Olympia, Tacoma are packed with people.” Levine was home schooled through the eighth-grade, then went to high school.

Back in December when roads were icy, Levine and his buddy Garrett had an unexpected chance to prove their heroic abilities. Levine said, “We were going skiing. The car ahead of us began to slide and suddenly veered over the edge. It bumped over some huge boulders, and landed upside down in the river from a leap of about twelve feet from the roadside.

“At that moment we were the only car that had come by. We called 911 and jumped into the belly deep river. We fought the current to get to the overturned car. Its windows were broken and water poured in. We finally got one door wide open and the current kept it there.

Levine could see the man inside, who asked him to “take his daughter.“

“Other cars pulled up and stopped. I carried the girl to the big rocks and somebody else carried her to the road,” Levine continued. “One of the vehicles was a truck with a good heater driven by a girl who worked at the ski slopes. She had been on her way to work. I got the man out of his car and my instincts took over, carrying him over my shoulder to safety where another person could help him as well. People began to donate blankets and socks and other things to get them out their wet clothes. I gave whatever I could, including my ski socks.”

When the 911 emergency truck arrived emergency personnel decided the man and his daughter didn’t need to go to the hospital.

“I don’t remember all the things that happened,” Levine said. “I was just doing what I knew had to be done. When it was all over I had time to think about it.”

The man and his daughter’s injuries were only scratches and bruises. Levine said, “It was a miracle.” It certainly was. Surely the Lord was watching over them all. And being young men with lots of energy, Jeff Levine and his buddy Garrett decided at that point to go skiing!”

Jeff Levine, we don’t wish you more horrific experiences like that, but it’s wonderful to know someone like you is willing to battle icy water and dangerous circumstances to save another’s life. God bless.

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