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Diesel found in unleaded gas tanks


Some drivers filling up at the Spoko Fuel gas station in Airway Heights found diesel instead of unleaded gasoline in a mix-up last Tuesday, June 11.

According to a press release sent out by the Spokane Tribe, which owns Spoko Fuel, R.E. Powell Distributing Co., placed diesel fuel in the unleaded gasoline tanks at the station. Employees at Spoko Fuel blocked off access to the gas pumps once the situation became apparent. The convenience store’s operation continued while crews drained the underground tanks of the diesel fuel.

Several customers reported the incident after filling up earlier in the day. Customers filled up with diesel can initiate a claim with R.E. Powell’s insurance agent Jill Peruca at (800) 488-2869, ext. 445.

Workers at Cheney Auto Care said vehicles filled with diesel instead of unleaded gas could face some major difficulties.

Among the steps included in repairing a vehicle that filled up with the wrong type of gas include draining the fuel tank and changing the filters. Spark plugs and cleaning the engine round out the repairs needed, and can cost a decent amount of money. Depending on the vehicle model and the total repairs can cost anywhere from $200 to $400.

Some vehicle models react more strongly to the different fuel than others, Ford trucks being among those that have a worse reaction to the wrong gasoline.

There’s also a disposal fee that comes into play, considering that the diesel fuel is hazardous waste that can’t be used elsewhere.

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