June 13, 2013 | Vol. 117 -- No. 8

Hammels find rural lifestyle appealing after retirement

Of Cabbages and Kings

John Hammel was employed by the government. He retired and bought 35 head of White Park cattle, a breed from Britain. They are lean animals; grass fed and calm in demeanor. John added another attribute. “Our cows don’t do drugs. Say no to GMOs.” The Hammels do not believe in genetically modifying their animals. These cows live an organic life.

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John and Teresa Hammel
One of John and Teresa Hammels cows, a British White, gets its nutrition the old fashioned way.

John’s wife Teresa, works full time at Deaconess Hospital, then part time in the baby’s intensive care for Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. The Hammels are busy people.

John Hammel was raised by his grandparents on a cattle ranch. ...

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