Cheney commission cancels June meeting


Lack of a quorum forced the cancellation of the June 10 Cheney Planning Commission meeting.

Planning administrative secretary Sue Beeman said in an email that several commissioners had sent notifications that they would not be able to attend the monthly meeting, forcing cancellation. The four agenda items scheduled for discussion in the city’s zoning code update process will be moved to the July 8 meeting, with comments or suggestions submitted by commissioners to be incorporated in the revised text.

The cancellation leaves the commission with a busy scheduled in July as not only will the four June items be discussed, revisions to Chapter 21 of the city’s code covering the comprehensive plan, administration and interpretation, definitions and a new chapter on measurements, but also three items on tap for July: zoning and use classifications, semi-rural residential zone SR-2 and critical area limited residential zone CALR.

Each of the three existing chapters under consideration has numerous changes made to them. Chapter 21.01 Comprehensive Plan includes new sections for who can propose amendments, applications for amendments and appeals to the City Council, plus definitions of procedure and reporting to the state.

New sections in Chapter 21.04 Administrative and Interpretation included conflicting regulations and establishment and maintenance of maps and text. Chapter 21.08 Definitions included modifications to existing terms and incorporation of new items.

Finally, the new Chapter 21.10 Measurements is proposed for addition to the code, dealing with measuring items such as distances, heights, lot widths and depths and determining the area of the facade of a building.

Public comment on the proposed code changes is encouraged. The draft proposals can be viewed on the city’s website at, and then by clicking on Community Development followed by Code Update Project.

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