June 6, 2013 | Vol. 117 -- No. 7

Spokane International Airport's future is not only about flying

Airport’s recently unveiled master plan sees a future in aerospace

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas promotes the primary local industry – gambling – right in the faces of arriving passengers who must pass banks of slot machines on the way to fetch their luggage.

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Spokane International Airport
In years to come Spokane International Airport will be more than just a place to catch a plane. The hope is to have its economic engine match the roar of the jets.

They also let you drop any left over coins in even more terminal slots as visitors await their departures.

In the future, Spokane International Airport would like to be a little less obvious with their efforts to bolster the local economy.

As airport director and CEO, Larry Krauter recently promoted SIA’s master plan through a series of community open houses, it became very obvious...

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