Approving the STEP project would be detrimental for Spokane County

Letters to the Editor


Let’s be blunt about the STEP casino. 1,600-plus Spokane Indians and 4,200 (more or less) residents of Airway Heights are so grasping and greedy that they are willing to sell 468,000-plus citizens of Spokane County down the drain for their gain.

None are so blind as those who can see but refuse to. If one investigates the police blotter for the Airway Heights Police, one would find weekly arrests for identity theft, driving with license suspended, auto prowling, driving under the influence, accidents, bad checks, fist fights, prostitution and pimping all in the area around the existing casino.

And the elected officials of Airway Heights want to add another casino that will have the same blotter items.

Not only ostriches stick their heads in the sand.

Two B-52s collided over what is to be the STEP casino killing all but a tail gunner and one other crewmember. A piece of a landing gear slammed through a Shell gas station sign whistling by a row of gas pumps to bounce into the gutter just inches from Highway 2.

An engine skittered along the ground to come within 15 feet of the then City Hall of Airway Heights. Flaming aviation gas burned acres of wheat. Parts and pieces were found two miles south of Highway 2.

Those who refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. This time into the tower rooms of the casino and the casino itself. Perhaps even the western part of Airway Heights.

5,800 people are willing to destroy the lifestyle of over 400,000 simply because of ego and greed.

Margaret Jones

Medical Lake


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