May 23, 2013 | Vol. 117 -- No. 5

Medical Lake changes policy on glass acceptance

Changes are in store for the recycling center in Medical Lake, namely in the form of accepting glass.

At its Tuesday, May 21 meeting, the Medical Lake City Council discussed the potential of ending its acceptance of glass at its recycling center. Previous discussions have taken place on the subject, but no definitive action was taken.

City Administrator Doug Ross brought up the subject during the public works committee’s report, suggesting a cutoff date of Aug. 1 for accepting glass.

“There’s no reason for the city to pay to dispose of our citizens’ glass,” he said.

Mayor John Higgins said there was also the concern of dust emanating from the glass crusher, noting that it was a labor and industries claim waiting to happen.

Councilman Jeff King said other companies in the area also weren’t recycling glass, but rather doing the same thing as the city’s recycling center, crushing it up and disposing it elsewhere.

Leading up to various Fourth of July celebrations, the City Council approved a second fireworks stand request from TNT Fireworks, a returning stand from previous years. The same stipulation made to other applicants is still in effect regarding the distribution of pamphlets with information on proper fireworks use and cleanup.

The City Council voted to accept the donation of a bicycle rack from the Medical Lake Lions Club, which will be placed at Waterfront Park. The group said it would coordinate with city staff as well as the Parks and Recreation Department to find an appropriate placement for the rack.

A public hearing will take place at next month’s meeting, Tuesday, June 18, regarding the city’s six-year transportation improvement plan. Part of the required process in passing the annual document, the city will outline its priority of road repairs over the next six years.

Also at the meeting, Kyle Drewry was appointed to the Medical Lake Fire Department.

Higgins said Jason Mayfield was appointed as the city’s permanent fire chief, following the departure of former chief Jeff Estes earlier this year. Mayfield has been serving in an interim capacity since then.

At the end of the meeting, the City Council met for 15 minutes to discuss litigation facing the city. No action was taken after the session.

The City Council is now in its summer meeting schedule, which consists of only one meeting on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in council chambers. Summer schedule lasts from June through September.

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