May 16, 2013 | Vol. 117 -- No. 4

Medical Lake School District's website has a new, sleek design

For the past month, the Medical Lake School District has been enjoying a digital facelift following the debut of its new website design.

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Screen capture of
The new Medical Lake School District website was made to look more inviting to the public as well as businesses.

Mary Kay Rolwes, librarian and teacher at Medical Lake Middle School, led the design for the new website and worked with Schoolwires, a design company, to find the best look for the school district. Input from administrative assistant Claudine Muelken and Superintendent Dr. Pam Veltri helped to form the direction of the website’s look.

“We wanted a more professional image and a more welcoming image for companies,” Rolwes said.

The front page of th...

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