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Growing availability of liquor should be concerning to Washington citizens

Letters to the Editor


On reading an article in the Spokesman-Review Monday, March 4 paper, I became deeply incensed. Over a dozen bills are now before the legislature that have one goal – to make liquor more available to everyone – including teens. I’m unaware of any bill before the legislature that would restrict its availability.

Money seems to be the main concern. Will these bills have a positive influence financially on the economy? The answer to that question may be difficult to predict. What isn’t hard to see is the impact on individuals, families and society as a whole.

It will be negative. Are we going to let the liquor industry go unchecked in its insatiable desires for more sales?

Are we going to let the liquor industries continue to push sales and ignore the fact that their product is directly and indirectly ruining lives.

Where are our legislators? They seem to be paralyzed, helpless before the flood of liquor availability bills.

Where is the religious community who knows the Bible verse written by the wisest king who ever lived, King Solomon: “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging and whoever is deceived thereby, is not wise.”?

Where is the business community who knows well the negative impact liquor has on its employees – and its bottom line?

Where is the health care industry who sees everyday the negative impact alcohol has on the human body – and also its addictive nature?

Where is the educational community who demands sharpness of mind and body, when alcohol will sharply reduce that capacity? Where are the individuals who feel like me: “incensed” that the liquor industry is almost unchecked?

Will we say “not me! – I don’t want to get involved – let somebody else do it!”?

Let’s stand up and be counted on the side of temperance, common sense and rationality. Let’s say enough is enough!

Merrill Brown,



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