Life turned upside down in burglary


Last week my wife’s van had the door window smashed out at Fish Lake trailhead.

To the persons responsible here’s the damage you caused: My five-year-old daughter is now concerned about bad guys, so you stole her innocence. This is what is most upsetting to me; my daughter didn’t make it to be six years old without being the victim of a crime. You broke the tinted window, which was the most expensive one on the vehicle. With no idea of what you would find inside, that just makes you a complete vandal to begin with.

Our daughter offered to give us her piggy bank to pay for food, so I liked seeing that empathy and caring from a child so young. However since you stole cash, credit and debit cards she was not far off from the reality of our situation. It has been over a week and I still don’t have my financial life back in order.

Over $300 for the window and installation. Broken glass everywhere including in my daughter’s car seat. My wife’s purse with collectable pennies from numerous places we had traveled to around the world. Plus everything else that a woman keeps to include her makeup and various other personal items. Why are these items of interest to you? How about my daughter’s Washington state ID card? Due to the stress you have placed on our lives I have to continue to remind myself that the only one responsible for this is you the criminal.

My credit card companies and law enforcement are taking this incident very seriously because it is not the first, or your last crime.

I realize you don’t respect others property, but would it have hurt to just take the cards and cash? You stole much more from us than just financial resources.

Phil Kiver



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