By Luella Dow

Jay Mahaffy provides a personal touch at J and M Collision Center


Jay Mahaffy

Jay Mahaffy insists all customers at J and M Collision Center are greeted with a smile.

As owner and president of J and M Collision Center, Jay Mahaffy said, “J and M is where you are greeted with the ‘Biggest Smile’ in Cheney.” If you wonder about that, walk up to the door of his office and you will say, “Oh, he’s right!”

Jay Mahaffy is a Cheney man for sure. He grew up in this town and graduated from Cheney High School in 1983.

Mahaffy’s business began at the garage/shop of Wilfred Mahaffy, his father, in 1986. He said, “My dad worked for Ratcliff Ford in the ‘50s at the body shop. I picked it up from him. When I graduated from high school I got a job in a body shop and started making money.”

After a few years Mahaffy started his own business. He said, “I just had to do it!” He was 22 and ready to go. He said, “When Gary Anderberg moved into this building I moved into the old building. The Chevy dealership was vacant. I bought it and ran the business until 1994. When Mr. Anderberg unfortunately passed away in an accident, I moved down to this location.”

Mahaffy serves as a sort of big brother to university students with cars. Since they are away from home their parents can’t watch over them. Mahaffy uses Facebook to keep the families informed. He said, “Especially with students from other countries, the parents can watch through Facebook to know what we’re doing. We’re taking care of them.” He adds, “We work with all insurance companies.”

Mahaffy’s business requires a lot of equipment. He does paint repair, frame repairs, all bodywork, windows and mechanical things related to a wreck, detailing, etc. In order to do professional work he buys software monthly for estimating costs. Mahaffy offers a lifetime warranty.

Rene is Mahaffy’s cheerleader and helper. She said, “I’m his other half. I help work in the shop.” Rene is also an artist. You can view some of her work right at the shop.

Jay and Rene’s “Biggest Smile” in Cheney is not only the one beside the door, but in their friendliness and expertise which puts a smile on the customer’s face as well.

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