Studded tire deadline approaches as spring arrives


OLYMPIA – Spring has arrived – maybe. All the same,as temperatures rise across the region, the Washington State Department of Transportation reminds drivers to remove their studded tires by midnight, March 31. 

Studded tires are legal in Washington from Nov. 1 to March 31, unless WSDOT grants an extension. Multiple forecasts indicate temperatures will be well above 50 degrees in many parts of the state and WSDOT is not planning on extending the deadline. This year, Oregon and Washington are coordinating studded-tire removal dates to make travel rules consistent. 

“Our forecasters expect mild temperatures with little chance for snow or ice across much of Washington’s lowlands,” WSDOT maintenance operations director Chris Christopher said in a news release. “Drivers are encouraged to remove studded tires as soon as possible because tire stores will be busy leading up to April 1.” 

Drivers traveling to higher elevations should always prepare for winter driving conditions. This means having information on weather and roadway conditions, traction tires and chains.  

“Drivers still need to check roadway conditions before traveling across the passes,” Christopher said. “Expect to see snow in the mountains well into May.”  

Under state law, driving with studded tires after Mar. 31 is a traffic infraction and could result in police writing you a $124 ticket.


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