Street intersections in Cheney could use some work

Letters to the Editor


During the months of September-June, Cheney experiences an especially dramatic influx in population due to the presence of the Eastern Washington University campus. Within this time period, on any given weekday the streets surrounding the campus are lined with cars.

The reason these scenarios are problematic, is because of intersections like the one in which Fifth Street meets C Street, that don’t feature four-way stop signs. When nearing the intersection from C Street in a motor vehicle, it is nearly impossible to assess whether or not oncoming traffic is approaching from Fifth Street. Not only are these circumstances dangerous for drivers, the lack of two additional stop signs also endangers pedestrians who utilize the cross walks in these areas.

To ensure the safety of everyone, the city of Cheney should seriously consider putting in stop signs on the corners of Fifth Street on this particular intersection. Although the traffic signs would certainly require some of our tax dollars, if the intersection were to feature four-way stop signs, pedestrians and drivers alike would be more likely to arrive safely at their respective destinations.

Hallie R. Morrow



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