Crossing Washington Street to get to EWU isn't safe for pedestrians

Letters to the Editor


I am currently on my third year here at EWU and I love pretty much everything about the school, but the large amount of foot traffic crossing the main roads when classes are starting, and ending become very hectic.

Although I am one of the people walking from class to class in the morning, I also have a school job that requires me to drive through campus frequently in the afternoon. I have found myself waiting 20 minutes on Washington Street to get from the police barn, past the football field, because of students crossing the road. I know I am not the only one who is frustrated by this, especially when people are in a hurry. I feel that this is not safe for students, as well as time consuming for drivers. I have seen other universities that have bridges for students that cross the road, as well as regular crosswalks. I feel that the most effective method would be to build bridges over the road. Not only will the risk of a student being hit by a car be less, but also the people driving will encounter a lot less traffic, as well as frustration.

Alec J Watts



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