March 21, 2013 | Vol. 116 -- No. 48

Learning reusable skills through recycling

Steven Bouck, one of Joni Kent’s Pathways students helping pilot a round, wheeled recycling bin down a hallway at Cheney Middle School looked back with a smile and offered a piece of advice.

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John McCallum
Special education teacher Joni Kent talks about recycling with Pathways students left to right Jasmine Jarms, DJ Collins-Kile, Megan Humphrey (back) and Melissa Daniels.

“Here’s your headline, ‘Cheney Middle School does recycling for the world,’” the young boy said.

Maybe not the world – yet. But Kent’s program for special needs students certainly does hard work taking care of the school’s reuse efforts, something begun last year with just paper and expanded this year to include not only recycling everything possible but also collecting compost – whi...

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